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Mobile Performance 2013

Mobile transactions increased by 64%, while mobile revenue even rose by 95%.

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    Explore the opportunities of the zanox Publisher API and the API Widget to efficiently stear your affiliate marketing activities

    At Amazon Jeff Bezos had the vision to display all internal communication via APIs. We are not quite there yet, but we also believe in the power of APIs. Therefore, zanox Publisher API is a strong tool to efficiently automate your affiliate marketing activities. It allows you to retrieve all relevant information without logging in […]



    Find out how consumers shop today

    The way we all buy the products we desire these days has changed massively ever since online shopping made its appearance. In this sense “showrooming” is a popular way to purchase goods. People go to stores to experience the products in real life only to order them online to receive a better price. To some […]



    How to start with conversion optimisation

    ‘How can I increase my transactions?’ might be a question you are asking yourself more often. There is only one solution to increase the number of transactions with the same amount of traffic: conversion optimisation. By making more visitors click and buy, you perform better with the same amount of traffic. Often, only a few […]



    Data Science and Data Science Retreat at zanox

    Data science plays an important role in today’s online landscape, especially in a performance-driven environment. At zanox we have a dedicated team to evaluate our data and generate findings. As we believe in the power of data, we are happy to support Data Science Retreat and host their current batch at our Berlin office. From […]