Affiliate tracking - we track your success

zanox provides market leading tracking with a proven track record for both accuracy and reliability. Through a combination of various technologies we ensure that no action goes untracked, and all of this is tracked according to strict data privacy and security regulations. You can put your trust in our tracking!

Our customer focused tracking methodology

Gaining customer

Gauging customer

Generating customer

Post view (TPV) Tracking

With zanox TPV tracking technology our tracking is engaged immediately after the display of a creative served by our network. TPV tracking is enabled by ID, Cookie and Fingerprint tracking techniques and can also support external tracking technologies if needed.

Click Tracking

With zanox click tracking technology our tracking is engaged immediately after a click is made on a creative served by our network. Click tracking is enabled by ID, Cookie and Fingerprint tracking techniques and can also support external tracking technologies if needed.

Transaction Tracking

With zanox transaction tracking technology our tracking is engaged immediately after a transaction is completed by the user. Transaction tracking is enabled by previously mentioned Post view, TPV (where supported) and Click tracking. Our transaction tracking technology is fully compatible with external tracking technologies.

ID tracking

This passive and cookie less tracking method can also be called "session tracking" as it is based on a unique event ID for a single browser session. On click or post view the zanox system generates a unique event ID (click ID, view ID) and transfers this via redirect to the advertiser's landing page. The advertiser then stores this ID within the open session. Once a transaction is made, in the same session, the advertiser will transfer the ID back to the zanox system within the transaction tracking code. Only if the Advertiser stores and transfers the ID exclusively in the same session, ID tracking can be called "session tracking".

ID tracking can also be used for asynchronous tracking implementation such as backend tracking also known as server to server tracking) .

Cookie tracking

zanox cookie tracking is an active tracking method which is engaged upon the view or click of a creative. On both events we generate a unique and non-personalised number or event ID (clickID, viewID) which is then stored in cookies on the customers computer and also includes the following data points:

  • The Affiliate Program
  • The Publisher
  • The time of the action

Within zanox cookies no individual or  personalised information about the consumer is stored.
zanox cookies are used as a cookie container where  cookie parameters are inserted, deleted and updated within . The conversion tracking return time is managed by the zanox system and is set to a maximum of 90 days. Advertisers can adjust the conversion tracking return time (aka cookie return time) according to their requirements.


Fingerprint tracking

With this passive tracking method zanox  creates a digital signature of the user agents. In addition to a hash value generated from values of the TCP Protocol, we use the Browser Identifier from the HTTP protocol which consists the browser version, operating system, language, plugins etc. We have developed a complex mathematical matrix to generate a special digital signature on basis of this information.

Identification based on this digital signature is what we have named "Fingerprint Tracking". It requires an unconditional request of the tracking code for a sale and/or lead in the same browser or on the same device where the ad media was clicked. With this we are then able to track the conversion of  post view and click activities on the consumer's computer without using cookies or any click IDs.

Our tracking architecture

zanox tracking is served from a network of multiple distributed, and autonomous tracking nodes. We have invested heavily in providing an infrastructure with the highest level of fail-safety, worthy of the trust bestowed upon it by our publishers and advertisers. In addition to this, we continue to invest in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure with our technology and service providers to maintain our high technological standard.

zanox places great value on real-time tracking and processing. The zanox system is designed and dimensioned to process all events in real time and run below the maximum possible workload. Currently zanox tracking architecture  is currently serving around 600 mio/day of ad-impressions, 50 mio/day of clicks and more than 2 mio/day of customer transactions.